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2014 Helichrysum


From our inception as a winery we wanted to make a wine that reflected our terroir in harmony with nature. We set out to do so.

Over the years we took on many certifications as we believed in the importance visibility through solidarity in order to find solutions to issues of soil depletion and biodiversity loss.

As to date we are certified organic, biodynamic, as practicing agroforestry, as a nature refuge.

We have always adhered to the principles of regenerative viticulture and permaculture, believing that a sound business model should be sustainable and our overriding wish has always been to practice a viticulture which enhances positive impacts on our community, environment, co-workers and clients.

This desire has fueled our approach to practically everything we do in the winery and vineyard. It has lead us down avenues of experimentation marked by trial, error and many exciting stories of success.

We are learning rigorous honesty when evaluating our work in the vineyards: to spray or not to spray? To use the tractor or not? To plant trees amongst the vines and cover crops between the rows, to allow untidy hedgerows as nesting grounds and biodiversity corridors rather than use the land for planting vines? Use lighter bottles, cut down on capsule foil, cartons, use renewable electricity fonts.

This year we have decided to join forces with the Wine Society, UK whose Climate and Nature Program: “to tackle carbon emissions and biodiversity loss” will be above all looking at projects of mitigation and regeneration of ecosystems both below and above the soil in the vineyard.

The same for the Living Vineyards project of the Porto Protocol, Portugal, geared to the “Sharing knowledge and solutions to catalyze Climate Action”. Our projects will concern themselves with Regenerative Viticulture, which means for us the regeneration of a healthy world we wish to live in. This is not the time to isolate ourselves as a winery. We must stretch out our arms and connect with all our collaborators in a meaningful way.


If you have a story to share please let us know! We would be proud to publish it along with the results of this collaboration with the Wine Society and Porto Protocol.

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Focus in

Mycelium and biodynamics: read our latest articles published on Jancis, part of our pioneering efforts to understand and preserve the San Polino terroir, in all its wondrous complexity.

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A brief and updated introduction to the core sustainability concepts that drive our winemaking.

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