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2015 Helichrysum

Ripe boysenberries, tar, chestnuts, orange peel, dried cherries and tobacco. There's a beautifu interplay between the more subtle notes and darker red fruit, and nothing's out of kilt to the ripeness. Lot's of powerful tannins take the full-bodied palate by storm, coating the mouth in layers of intense but fragrant red fruit and steamrolling this Brunello to a long chewy conclusion. This is a contrastive wine, built on the foundation of an intricat, wild tannin backbone, but framed in a vibrant and transparent package.

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21-24 February 2020
Benvenuto Brunello - Montalcino

28 February 2020
Great Wines of Italy - LA

2 March 2020
Great Wines of Italy - Chicago

2 March 2020
Alliance Wine Spring Tasting - Edinburgh

3 March 2020
Sangiovese Reset - London

4 March 2020
Alliance Wine Spring Tasting - London

4 March 2020
Great Wines of Italy - NY

19 - 22 April 2020
Vinitaly -Verona